Window XP ISO SP3 Bootable Download

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Download the Window XP iso Service pack 3 (sp 3) in 32 bit and 64 bit. for free, Check how to install it. We will also tell you about How you install Window XP iso from a USB, start reading. Check Window vista iso also.

Window XP ISO Review:

Windows XP is a part of the Windows operating systems and it is considered as one of the best and user-friendly operating systems.

Many people who are a fan of Microsoft windows have still not updated their software’s mainly due to the fact that they were used to Windows XP operating system mainly because it is simple and easy to use. Moreover, as every Microsoft user is aware of the fact that many new software updates have been launched over the years but Microsoft XP is the one that was lacking behind in terms of new updates so the good news is that Microsoft XP has been updated and the new ISO is available that can be used to update your systems.


The system is secure and includes all the latest features that can help you manage your data in the best way possible. It is not only simple and comprehensive but it is also stable and provides excellent and fast performance thus managing your workload without putting any pressure on you.

If you want any protection so you can download Microsoft Windows Defender.

Install Windows XP ISO File From a USB

In order to install Windows XP ISO file from a USB, the first step is that you have to create a bootable USB drive. In order to create a bootable USB follow the steps mentioned below so that you know how many steps are required to install your operating system successfully.

Step 1: Make sure that you have downloaded the new ISO in the computer from which you are planning to create a bootable ISO USB.

Step 2: Turn on your ISO.

Step 3: Insert the USB drive you tend to boot from.

Step 4: Now click on the menu button and click on tools and the next step is to click on “Create Bootable USB Drive”. In order to boot your USB, you need to confirm the UAC dialog that will appear on your windows screen.

Step 5: Click on the button to open the ISO file “c:\pebuilder\pebuilder.iso”.

Step 6: Make sure that multiple USB’s are not connected to the computer. Now select the USB, which you want to boot from the destination USB drive box and write “USB-HDD” so that you can boot your USB drive successfully without any hindrance or interruption.

Step 7: Now the last and final step is to click on the start button so that a bootable file starts to boot your USB with the latest Windows XP ISO. Now copy the windows XP set up files to the USB drive and you are good to go.

Windows XP SP3 ISO Bootable Full

In order to create a Windows XP SP3 ISO bootable full file follow the steps mentioned above but make sure whatever device you are using have a large storage capacity so that you can download all the essential features of the new Windows XP.

But if you want to continue your Windows XP set up directly from your USB then follow the steps mentioned below but for that, you have to configure your BIOS first.

Step 1: Reboot the system and go to your bootable USB.

Step 2: Before the window starts again while booting the first thing you should do is to go back to the BIOS configuration screen by pressing buttons F1, F2 then press the buttons DELETE and ESCAPE.

Step 3: Make sure that the USB drive that you are using is mentioned in the list, if by chance the name is not there then you have to promote your bootable USB drive to the primary boot device.

Step 4: The last and final step to complete the configuration of your BIOS is to exit from it after saving all the changes that you have made in the system.

Windows XP ISO To USB Drive

In order to move all your essential windows XP files from your computer to your USB follow all the steps mentioned above under the heading of INSTALL WINDOWS XP ISO FILE FROM A USB. Make sure you follow all the steps in a sequence so that you don’t have to face any difficulty while you are busy booting a USB drive.

Salient Features Of Windows XP ISO For Home

  • Can be used easily by anyone having basic computer knowledge.
  • Exceptional Stability.
  • Ensures smooth and fast operations so that you don’t have to go through any kind of hassle.
  • Larger memory thus you can store as many files and media as you want and it won’t affect the speed of your computers.
  • Can be used for gaming purposes as it speeds up the speed of your processor.
  • Many faults that were in the previous systems have been removed and updated in this new Windows XP ISO.
  • The set up is compatible with both 32 bits and 64 bits. The size of the file is around 500 MB, which is not that huge when it comes to installing operating systems for your Personal Computers and Laptops.

Windows XP ISO Image Free Download

Windows XP ISO image free download links are available at various sites over the Internet. Users should make sure that they are using the link which downloads all the features of Windows XP S1, S2 and S3 so that nothing is lacking in the operating system otherwise it won’t be able to function properly.

The original windows XP ISO is also available in the form of a CD, which can be downloaded instantly and for which Internet is not required. All you have to is to insert the CD and you are good to go.

Follow the setup guide and install your operating system in less time without any hassle of low internet signals or disconnection from the Wi-Fi network that you using.

As far as people who don’t have the CD to download the files they can follow the download link given below which will start downloading the files instantly and they can also take help from online set up step-by-step guide which is explained in very easy terminology. Check this post on Utility & OS category.

Windows XP ISO 32 bit Download

Window XP ISO 64 Bit Download

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