How to Disable the Firewall in Windows 10 Completely

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There have been many queries about how to turn off firewall in windows 10 or how to disable firewall in windows 10. Here on usm networking we will try to solve your issue. After looking to some firewall, I noticed there has been much work done about the firewall previously. But there If you face any issue there is only one option that turn off the firewall in windows 10.

Disable the Firewall in Windows 10?

First, you must know that why there is a need to Disable the Firewall in windows 10?

If there are more than one antivirus or firewall have been installed it gives a hard time to the computer, sometimes there have been blue screens or lag problem which are not good. So there must be only one antivirus at a time. If you are currently using windows 10 and facing the same issue so, follow the steps to disable firewall in windows 10.

disable firewall windows 10

disable firewall windows 10

Note: However, in some cases, built-in firewall and another 3rd-party firewall running both at the same time is considered as safe. For e.g.  (COMODO, AVG, Outpost, Panda)

One other reason that is noticed by many users is that if you have multiple security solutions on your operating system at one time it tends to slow down the speed of your system, especially with the older machines. They should only have one firewall and some lightweight antivirus installed on your PC.

AVG, Norton are some example of heavy firewall products. If your system has 4GB ram or less than that you will most likely to face some serious freezes and hang-ups. So there has been some solution about how to turn off the firewall.

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Follow These steps below to disable fire wall for windows 10

Turning It Off for Private or Public Network

1. First, type the ‘firewall’ into the search bar and choose the option Windows firewall.  This will show you all the firewall currently installed on your computer systems.

disable firewall on computer

disable firewall on computer

2. There is the option is the sidebar to turn on and off the firewall, select turn off the firewall.

disable firewall on windows

disable firewall on windows

3. Click on the option that says Turn Off Windows Firewall for both the private and public network or you can select alternatively.

disable firewall windows

disable firewall windows

4. This is it! Now Firewall will be turned off on your Windows 10 computer.

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This is a simple way for turning off the firewall in windows 10. Well, this method works for both 32 and 64 bit of windows version.

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