Free Download Netpersec Software For Windows

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Get Free Netpersec Software For Windows takes up the responsibility of monitoring traffic over the network and take quick actions against any unusual activity on the network.

NetPerSec is a software that is lightweight and compatible for windows that monitors the network traffic and speed at the computer. Many times it is a common problem of lesser speed as claimed and as expected by a user in the cable net. NetPerSec is an answer to this; it checks the present speed, monitors all the IP/TCP activities and displays a graph of the network speed. This tool also shows the current, average, upload and download speeds in a graphical manner generally a histogram or bar graph.

It’s already mentioned that it is compatible for all the windows system. Now it has an inbuilt graphic theme, with colorful icons on the gradient background. In case of data units, binary prefixes are used when using bytes. While downloading the software one may not download installer separately. When RUN button is pressed, it generates the NetPerSec.ini configuration file. Also Start with Windows option doesn’t go with the windows vista and 7, so one has to create a shortcut manually on the desktop.

Free Download Netpersec Software For Windows

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