Download Realtek HD Audio Drivers For Free For Windows 10/7/8

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Hey guys !!! Are you looking to download Realtek HD Audio Drivers for windows 10/7/8. This software is quite easy for the windows and you can easily install it. You won’t get any sound issue after installing this driver.

Download Realtek HD Audio Drivers

Realtek HD Audio Drivers  Version: R2.82

File size
169 MB

Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 32-bit

Multiple languages


Date added
April 17, 2018

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Download Realtek HD Audio Drivers

Realtek HD Audio Drivers

Short Review: Realtek HD Audio Drivers

This program aims at giving the user an opportunity to listen to audio music in HD quality on the computer. Realtek HD Audio Drivers controls the interface between the operating system and the computers audio hardware. This allows you to listen to music through the speakers or with the use of earphones. This application is one of the most widely used sound drivers, ensuring high quality DTS, Dolby, Surround Sound. It includes a variety of features such as a six channel Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). This supports the 16/20/24-bit Pulse Code Modulation format for 5.1 channel audio.

Once the program has been installed onto the user’s computer, Realtek HD Audio Manager is included. This allows you to tune and play with the computers sound.

Features of this program:

Realtek HD Audio Manager:

This feature is included when the program is installed onto your computer. The user can easily launch the software from the system tray by double-clicking the Speaker icon. On the other hand, the user may also launch it from Program Files location in the system drive.

The Speaker Tab:

This tab allows you to adjust the settings that are related to your speakers on the computer. The Main Volume section allows the user to adjust the system volume. In addition to this, the slider can be used to balance the left and right speaker audio output. Furthermore, you may mute the volume using the mute button.

Sound effects:

The user has the option of applying sound output with the use of functions that are provided in this tab. You are provided with a long list of available Environment effects with loudness equalization to reduce perceived volume differences. The user can choose from the numerous options that can be used to intensify the speakers sound with impressive environment effects. The user may also use an Equalizer and a Voice Cancellation feature. This can be used to set the sound effect per the user’s comfort.

Default format:

This tab allows you to select the default sound quality in terms of sample rate and bit depth. If you are using an audio CD or DVD, the user can set the sound format with the use of the CD Format and DVD Format options respectively.

Microphone effect feature:

This feature provides the user with an option of suppressing the static background noise while recording any sort of audio. In addition to this, one can reduce the acoustic echo caused by the front speakers while recording takes place:

Is it a wise choice to download this program?

Realtek HD Audio Drivers provides the user with numerous features that are useful. Not only does it ensure good quality sound to the user, but it also provides additional features. The use of the microphone tab, sound tabs and speaker tabs are some of these features. Therefore, this program can be very useful to a lot of computer users. If you feel that this program will be useful to you, then consider downloading it as soon as possible.

Thank you to download Realtek HD Audio Drivers. You can easily update the realtek audio driver through device manager. If you find any problem in installing so you may ask questions in the comment box below.


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