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Hey Guys !!! Today you will get a perfect software which is Microsoft .NET Framework. It’s the programming model for making the application that gives you faultless experience. you must download .Net Framework Version 4 Free. .Net Framework Version 4 works with the older version and it works correctly as well.

Download .NET Framework Version 4 Free

Free Trial

Supported OS
Windows Windows 7 / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit

Multiple languages

Latest Release
02 Jan 2018

File Size
68.29MB (71,607,232 bytes)

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Download .NET Framework

Download .NET Framework

The .NET Framework 4 program allows users to create web, desktop as well as mobile applications that are supposed to function on Windows mobile devices. It also functions on computers and servers. In addition to this, it is included in the Visual Studio package. The program is able to reach a variety of users worldwide. This application aims at offering improvements in essentials such as common language runtime and key base class library, new mapped memory files and numerical types.

Features of .NET Framework 4:

Compaction of large object heap demand:

This feature is introduced to compact the heap and eliminate heap fragmentation. Compaction means that all scattered memory holes will be compacted into one block. However, this feature is only available as per the user’s demand. For the feature to be enabled, the user should set the Large Object Heap Compaction Mode property.

Providing support for ADO.Net connection resiliency:

The user does not have to be concerned about connectivity issues anymore. This application has this feature included into it in order to re-create broken connections to the computers database.

Improvement in start-up time:

This feature helps to minimize the time taken to get the program started. When the program starts, the Just in Time Compiler runs in a background thread, across numerous processors in order to generate native code from the IL code.

Collection of waste on your computer;

NET Framework 4.5 aims at collecting all the unused or unreferenced data that the computer holds. This means that it will clean up the device, and free it from any form of unnecessary information that you might not need. This will enhance the computer’s performance and ensure that the user benefits from this.

Other improvements:

In addition to profiling and debugging of the computer, there are other improvements that this program offers. The user has the choice of using the Hosting Environment Queue Background Work item methods. This allows for modification of response headers and response codes. Furthermore, the user can make use of the Http Response Add On Sending Headers feature.

Download .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework

Is it a wise choice to consider the download?

This program is seen as a software framework, developed by Microsoft that runs on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large library named Framework Class Library which provides language interoperability in numerous programming languages. The Framework Class Library has a user interface, data access, database connectivity, cryptography, website application development, numeric algorithms as well as network communications. In addition to this, the program provides many features which may be useful to the user. If any of the above-listed features attract your attention, then consider installing this program onto your computer as soon as possible.

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Thank you download.Net Framework Version 4 free For Windows. It’s the ideal software for programmers who can build required applications. Hope you have read out features regarding Microsoft.Net Framework.

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