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Hey Folks.!! Looking for audio, video and photo converter This all you can get in one software which is Format Factory so Download Format Factor and get the complete audio, video, and photo converter and ripper as well.

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March 9th, 2018

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Download Format Factory

Format Factory

Format Factory is a free and convenient media converter program that can be used on Windows. It comprises of a wide range of audio and video conversation tools that will assist in making the user’s gallery more compatible with numerous devices. It is easy to operate and has a clean user interface. However, this application operates on Windows only. In addition to this, the context menu options have compatibility issues when the program is installed onto Windows 8.1.

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What features does this program offer?

Conversion of files:

This application allows the user to convert media files in different types of ways. Once the program has been launched, the user may drag and drop any media file onto the application window. It will then display the applicable conversion options for the specific file. Thereafter, the target conversation format should be selected, and the output quality should be adjusted from this window. The user may choose a custom folder location for the output file from here. Once the above-mentioned tasks have been completed, the user may click on the OK button.

Once the conversation is completed, the program will give off a notification sound, showing a pop-up message that will be found at the bottom right-hand side of the taskbar.

Advanced features:

One of the most important features of the program is that it is able to convert media files and allow them to be supported by numerous devices. The user has the options of dealing with the video joiner, audio joiner, batch rename and the media file sections. The joiner options are associated with linking respective files. The video joiner

will operate on videos only, while the audio joiner will operate on audio files only. If the user wishes to mix audio as well as video files, then you will need the use of the Mux feature.

This particular feature (the Mux feature) assists in post-production operations. It allows the user to add audios to video clips after filming events. In addition to this, the media file feature has the ability to extract and display media file information in detail. Furthermore, the renaming option has the ability to rename files in batches.

The settings of the program:

This program has the settings feature under the word “option” that can be seen on the menu. The user has the ability to explore the customization tools that are given to them by this program. At the upper toolbar, you may find a task list viewer, skin color selector, language and help options, etc.

download format factory

Format Factory

Is it wise to download this program?

Format Factory is seen as a useful program for many users. It is free to use, has an easy and clean user interface, and supports a wide variety of media files. In addition to this, Video Joiner and Audio Joiner are featured as a bonus. However, this program operates on Windows only. If you feel that the features offered on this program are used to you as a user, then consider downloading Format Factory as soon as possible.

There are many features of factory Factor which will satisfy you and You will appreciate this software after using it. So You must download format factor for your operating system.

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