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Hello Everyone !!! Looking for the best antivirus which works faster, & lighter than another antivirus. If you are looking to download Ad-aware 12 Antivirus for Windows free from here, It’s the powerful anti-malware software which keeps your PC away from viruses and other malware things. You can get download link of ad-aware antivirus for windows 32 & 64 bit PC.

Download Ad-aware 12 Antivirus Free

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Supported OS
Windows 10/7/XP

Multiple languages

Latest Release
02 Jan 2018

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download Ad-aware 12 Antivirus

Ad-aware 12 Antivirus

The program aims at offering the best quality of free protection to your computer. It is a powerful anti-malware solution, ensuring freedom of conflicts or any form of slowdowns that are associated with running numerous security programs. This program detects malware before it can harm your computer. This means that you are constantly protected, giving the user peace of mind while using his or her pc.

Features of Ad-aware 12 Antivirus:

User- friendly interface:

This application has been designed for easy and usability. It is easy to download, install and to use. It features a light, fluid UI that is an additional feature compared to the previous version of the program. It also has a contemporary and modern design to the program. In addition to this, it contains protection features. To make use of the feature, the user should enter their key in the UI to download or unlock the power of the premium versions.

Fast operating service:

This program offers an antivirus that compliments the anti-spyware. Ad-aware 12 Antivirus offers a superfast antivirus engine. This operates in accordance with the spyware technology. There are two engines that operate together. These two engines block malware from traditional viruses to the more common spyware attacks. Due to the fact that both engines are made to work together, there are no conflicts or slow-downs that are normally associated with running two separate security programs. The advantage of automatic updates allows the user to be certain that the pc and all files are protected from any form of threats that may be transferred from the internet.

Real-time protection feature:

This program aims at detecting malware before it harms the computer. It detects and blocks malware immediately. In addition to this, it is powered by behavior-based heuristic scanning. This blocks malicious processes as well as any form of infected files that attempt to connect to the user’s system. Furthermore, real-time network protection aims at monitoring outgoing network traffic, blocking connections to blacklisted IP addresses as well as any form of known malicious websites. This is used to identify and stop any form of active threats.

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Gaming mode:

Ad-aware 12 Antivirus allows the user to watch movies or play games without being disturbed in any way. This program is the first to include a game mode feature. This feature allows the pc to remain protected while you play your games or watch movies. It eliminates any form of interruptions that the user may experience. The game mode suspends alerts, system scans, and auto-updates while working or playing games. This is done without affecting the computer’s security.

download Ad-aware 12 Antivirus

download Ad-aware 12 Antivirus


Why should you install Ad-aware 12 Antivirus onto your computer?

This Antivirus program aims at maximizing protection on your computer. It provides the user with useful features. In addition to this, the game mode feature is one of the attractive features, which other antivirus programs don’t offer. If any of the above-mentioned features seem useful to you, then consider installing this program onto your pc.

Thank you for download Ad-aware 12 Antivirus for Windows. Hope you have read the features of this amazing antivirus. It’s protected from malicious processes and protect you from infected files. So my suggestion is to download it immediately and protect your PC.

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