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WhatsApp Plus Apk Download Latest Version

whatsapp plusI’ve seen a lot of people talking about WhatsApp Plus. You all know that WhatsApp is a chat messaging service. You need the internet to use it and send text messages, documents, images, video, and audio messages. It has around one billion users all over the world, but what is whatsApp plus. Today, I will remove your confusion about WhatsApp plus not only this but I will also guide you on its installation and features. WhatsApp Plus is a better version than WhatsApp (I mean that you will find a lot of new features which are not in actual Whatsapp), It has different features, like you can hide last seen, change the theme of WhatsApp and you can do many other things. It has come up with several features. Check Whatsapp group names.

WhatsApp Plus Introduction

There are two similar apps like WhatsApp which is GB Whatsapp and WhatsApp Plus. GBWhatsapp is not popular yet because of its features but if you ask me which is best I will go with whatsapp plus. It’s the best alternative of WhatsApp. You can talk to your WhatsApp friends in WhatsApp plus as well. You just have to do some settings which I will tell you at the end of the article, setting is very important in it, it plays an important role.

Older WhatApp plus version was giving an error. Download whatsapp gold now it has been fixed in a newer version. Now you can install WhatsApp plus apk on your android device. It won’t have any issue. As I told you it’s features are wonderful. It has lots of themes, custom themes, launcher icons, and other mods as well. You can restore your backup in it with the help of this chat messaging application so you should download the latest version of WhatsApp plus.


WhatsApp Plus Features

I have just written some features above. There are lot more features in WhatsApp plus Apk because people get benefit from it and those who want more features in actual WhatsApp this WhatsApp plus is best for them. You will be astonishished after downloading the whatsapp plus and running it. You will enjoy each and every feature of it. It’s a cool App with cool features. Hide yourself, hide seen messages and many more. You can say in another word that it’s a WhatsApp Mod in the name of WhatsApp Plus.

  • WhatsApp Plus has numerous emoticons.
  • File size limit 2 to 50 MB (Also maintain the size).
  • You can edit options when sharing files. It maintains the size and quality of pictures while sharing it to others.
  • Hide yourself from online status and with this you can chat with other friend in offline mode.
  • When we send the pictures and videos, it reduces its quality in WhatsApp, but not in WhatsApp Plus. This is the best feature. Your quality maintains itself.
  • Hide contact profile pictures, and you can also show your phonebook photos in chat.
  • It shows your friends online status right away.
  • Share your notes and anything in one click.
  • Get thousands of WhatsApp plus theme from internet. You can personalize or customize the overall look of WhatsApp Plus.
  • Change your WhatsApp plus launcher icon to different Colors, There are lots of color varieties in it, Red, Cyan, Pink, Grey, Orange, Gold, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Black and White.

Note this. Change your chat color, and make it beautiful. Change the header and row and modify it any which way you want. You can change your entire look of WhatsApp Plus and make it like which you want, you can attach yours location, send voice messages as you do in WhatsApp and the one best feature which I like, send the quality pictures to your friend which you’ve taken. You will realize that this app is best for everyone but before this, you have to carefully install this WhatsApp plus on your android, and it’s setting is not very complicated as other apps, you just have to follow my steps which I’m going to tell you below.


How To Install it Carefully

  • Keep in mind before installing, first make the backup of your chat (If you are not a user of Whatsapp so install it and chat with few friends and then make a backup of it).
  • Uninstall the whatsapp before downloading the whatsApp plus.
  • Download Whatsapp Plus from below. and Install it.
  • Verify your number as you do in WhatsApp.
  • after this you will find that they are asking you to restore your chat backup so just do it.
  • Finally Your WhatsApp Plus is ready and you won’t face any problem. I will try to upload installation pictures of it in few days.


That’s all. I’ve given the Apk version of it, so you need to enable the unknown source option in the setting. Just go to settings, then security and finally unknown source. Enable it and click on apk file and install it directly. Besides this, this WhatsApp plus will give you a lot of happiness while chatting with your friends. You will really like this Whatsapp Plus, download whatsapp plus and enjoy it. Please let me know about your suggestion and question about Whatsapp plus apk. because I know some of you can’t download whatsapp plus properly,so I’m here to help you. I hope you like my article about Whatsapp plus Apk. This post is updated to communications category.


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