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In networking, there are 2 types of people: individuals who are givers and those people who are not. When you think of those who give, who comes up? In business, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are in the forefront of giving. There are countless celebrities who always give of themselves. They have build numerous charities and foundations for giving towards the community. Athletes give their money and time to numerous causes. Why do they offer? Easy! They want to share their fortune with the world. What do they expect in exchange? Most likely, not a thing. What will they receive? First of all, a debt of gratitude from public and the ones in their networks. Gates and Buffet may forge start up business relationships plus an athlete may get a corporate endorsement for that work they’re doing. Maybe their rewards return in a different form. The fact is, most likely, they’ll receive something in exchange for their gifts to others.

When networking, what’d you expect in exchange for giving? That’s the trick. Don’t expect anything. Give unselfishly of yourself knowning that generosity will likely be reciprocated. Don’t hold out your hand looking forward to something in exchange. Let it happen naturally….and it’ll.

How could you become a giver? It’s really quite simple. Put others first. Become a resource for them. Whether you share your expertise, connect people you recognize, or give someone the greatest gift, a warm referral. It will return to you — probably when you least expect it.

As an associate of any networking group, service organization or charity, give unselfishly and do not hold out a hand saying, “where’s mine?” Well, think about the people who haven’t quite embraced this spirit? We see them appear and disappear — they attempt to sell at networking events rather than building relationships. We only see them when they need something and, obviously, we usually judge them for exhibiting such behavior. There’s a simple explanation, these people don’t really understand networking — they think that just appearing and giving an elevator speech is much more than enough to being recognized and carry business in the door. It’s a two-way street. In order to receive, you have first turn into a giver.

Here are some tips to maximize opportunities in networking.

1) Embrace the spirit of giving.
2) Attend meetings regularly.
3) Participate in activities.
4) Focus on the {ong-term.
5) Make yourself referable.
6) Give the gift of referrals/introductions.
7) Be receptive to gifts from others.

That’s only the beginning. There’s much more but it might be too much to digest. For anyone who’s tried networking groups and been disappointed, try again. For everyone else, thanks for continuing to sharpen your networking skills. Part of your reward may be the satisfaction of helping others. The remainder receives a reciprocal gift from other givers.

Give early, give often, and present again. It will comeback from the pathway of goodwill.

Don Talbert, founder of Centurion Business Coach, features a passion for networking and consultative selling. Don leverages passion and experience to help others succeed in business. As the author of The Networking Success Kit, Don applies his experiences and packages it in to a practical, real-world guide to networking success. Sharing is caring so make your network shareable and for that Download Free Usb Network Gate Software For Windows here.

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