Tutorials: How to Connect WiFi in Windows 10

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You are here to get information on how to connect to wifi in windows 10. It’s very easy to connect, after reading these steps you will be an expert at it.

3 Steps to connect WiFi in Windows 10

I’ve seen a lot of people having problems in windows 10 when they connect to wifi, and most people say that it’s very hard to manage Windows 10. But in my opinion, it is as easy as running windows xp or windows vista. Yes, because the options and many more are different in windows 10, but once you understand that, you will have no problem in future. If your facing range problem in your WiFi, so try the WiFi range extender.

Let’s start a tutorial on how to connect to wifi on Windows 10.

windows 10 connect to wifi

  • Step 1: click on the network icon which is in system tray.

It shows you different network names which are in your range.

windows 10 connect to wifi

  • Step 2: Search out the network which you want to connect and click on its name and you can also check on Connect Automatically, if you want to connect to it regularly. By connecting on automatically, you will automatically connect regularly, if your device in the range. Click on connect button which shows in blue box.

(You will see two options which are “WiFi” and “Airplane mode” below the network setting. A tap on WiFi button enables or disables the wireless card and radio emitter


Save your Battery Life Through your WiFi


You can save your battery life through Airplane mode and WiFi button which is on the bottom.  When you disable the wireless card, means disable the WiFi (clicking on the WiFi button), and get into the airplane mode (clicking on airplane mode button) means your device won’t try to connect to any networks. By doing this, your energy and battery life will be saved when you are not doing any online work.

windows 10 connect to wifi

  • Step 3: Back connecting to the WiFi, after clicking on blue connect button windows starts scanning and asks you the security key.

windows 10 connect to wifi

Once you put the password or security key in the blue box, click on Next, (There is also an option of “Share network with my contacts” if you want to do that, just tick on that, and you can also share your WiFi with your contacts. Now your Windows 10 is connected with just these 3 steps.

How to resolve Internet Problems in Windows 10

Sometimes Windows 10’s WiFi connected but the internet is not working and many other problems occur in your network even when you follow all our steps the problem would occur and you would want to escape it.If you are trying to connect to wifi and it’s not connecting and you inserted the correct password, you should then click on troubleshoot. If the internet is slow so you may try the WiFi Booster for free.


The steps I provided are about connecting to wifi in windows 10. Sometimes, there are few networks who don’t ask for a password, like in public places, they are free. So you should stay away from there, it can be harmful.

Enjoy your Wifi. Let me know your feedback regarding this. If you face any problem, you can feel free to comment and we will help you. This post is updated to Wireless Networking.

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