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The New Fuss About Advanced Port Scanner

With many new security threats arriving everyday, protecting your pc and digital files is much more important. One threat today is port scanning. Port scanning occurs most people if they realize it or not. Protecting yourself against port scans may help you secure your system from malicious users.

All computer systems have ports, and services operate on these ports. When your pc needs to connect with your mail server to be able to check your email, it’ll open one of these ports and make a connection to download your new email. However sometimes these ports are usually on and listening. A port scan occurs when an attacker scans a host to see which ports are open and which might be closed or not in use.

Think of the port scan like checking doors and windows of your home to see if it’s locked or not. While the attacker might not break into your home he may realize that there is really a window unlocked and entry is possible easily. A port scanner works in exactly the same as it checks ports on your pc to see which is closed or open. It is not illegal in the majority of places to do a port scan because basically your just checking if your connection can be done and not actually making a link to the host. However it’s possible to make a Denial of Service attack if port scans are created repeatedly.

Many firewalls can safeguard you against the port scans. The firewall is normally a program that monitors outgoing and incoming connections to your pc. A firewall may open all ports on your system to effectively stop scans from showing any ports. While this approach works many times. Port Scans have advanced with new techniques like ICMP port unreachable scans, and NULL scans. While its better to try and filter all port scans to your pc, it is also important to understand that any ports that are open and listening should be investigated.

Leaving open ports on your machine can result in a system compromise causing lost data, and perhaps identity theft. A port scan of your own system can display you exactly what an attacker sees and what type of action you have to take to prevent a attack on your system.

One of the very most popular port scanners currently available is NMap from insecure.org. NMap can be obtained for free download and is obtainable for UNIX and Windows based systems. Its essential to understand how NMap works so you’re able to take the same approach as an attacker would against you. There are other port scanning software available and each has their particular port scanning features. However NMap is certainly the most popular and it is loaded with features and different kinds of port scans you are able to perform.

While a port scan might not mean your system is about to be attacked. Its essential to note that in case a port scan occurs, someone knows about a weakness in your system if there is one. This thought alone is sufficient to consider auditing your firewall for port scan attempts. So don’t wait anymore and Free Download Advanced Port Scanner 1.3 here.

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