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Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming the most preferred mode of net connection all over the world. To access such type of connection, you must have a wireless adapter on the computer. Wi-Fi provides wireless connectivity by emitting frequencies between 2.4GHz to 5GHz depending on the amount of data around the network. Areas that are enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity are called HotSpots. One can use excellent softwares like Wirelessmon to detect and request for connection to Hotspots. To start a Wireless connection, it is essential that the wireless router is attached to the net connection and that all the required settings are properly installed.

Wireless technology has widely spread lately and you could get connected almost anywhere; in the home, in the office, in libraries, schools, airports, hotels as well as in some restaurants.


Like mobiles, a Wi-Fi network works by using radio waves to deliver information across a network. The computer includes a wireless adapter which will translate data sent in to a radio signal. This same will be transmitted, through an antenna, with a decoder called the router. Once decoded, the data is going to be sent to the Internet by using a wired Ethernet connection. As the wireless network will work as a two-way traffic, the information received from the Internet may also pass through the router being coded in to a radio signal which will be receipted through the computer’s wireless adapter.

What is a hot spot

The term Hotspot is used to define a region where Wi-Fi access is accessible. It can either be via a closed wireless network in the home or in public places like restaurants or airports.

As already mentioned, for being able to access Hotspots your computer ought to include a wireless adapter. If you are using a professional laptop model, it’ll probably add a built-in wireless transmitter before. Otherwise you may purchase a wireless adapter that can plug in to the PCI slot or USB port. Once installed, your system will automatically detect the Wi-Fi hotspots and request for connection. If not, you may use a software to handle this job for you.

How to have a Wi-Fi connection

1. To start your connection with a wireless router, make sure that it is connected to the net connection point.
2. You should switch on your external modem first before plugging the router in your computer through an Ethernet cable.
3. Switch on your wireless router until it fully starts up and open internet browser.
4. For Belkin users, enter
5. For Linksys users, enter
6. If you are not using either service, enter
7. Then, you’ll be able to file within your router’s username and password.
8. Set the SSID (wireless capability) active.
9. Type in the username and password provided by your ISP and select either WEP or WPA security. Then, select a new passkey.

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