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iPhone Wifi Booster App For Free

Wifi Booster For iPhone Methods

You are here to boost your iPhone Wifi signal with Wifi Booster. There are several app for wifi booster, and many applications are available for IPhone on ITunes, which can help people to boost their Wifi signals so that they can use various applications like Snap Chat, Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram and Facebook without any problems related to low Wi-Fi signals. Wi-Fi booster is an application that is available on ITunes store; it removes Apple’s barriers against weak wireless signals or networks and hence gives more range and coverage.

Wifi Booster For iPhone

Open Signal Wifi Booster for iPhone

Open Signal is another application that is available on IPhone store that allows you to get a better and faster connection instantly. It also gives you directions, which will enhance your signals and you can surf as much as you want. Download Open signal, and increase your wifi signals


However there are certain hacks that can be done in order to boost your Wi-Fi signals.

  • The first step is to restart the router if it is transmitting weak signals.
  • Restarting the router can boost signal strength and range.
  • You can enjoy full powerful signal strength.

Moreover, many iPhone users use funky phone cases, which have the tendency to block Wi-Fi reception, so in order to be sure take off your case if you are facing any difficulty in connecting to the Internet. Check the Wifi Booster Easy Connect Software.


Wifi Booster For iPhone Ideas of DNS


Furthermore, setting up DNS manually on IPhone can make a huge difference. It is not about improving your Wi-Fi reception in fact it enables you to go through other DNS which will allow you to get more data from the Internet as mostly the DNS that you are using is automatically selected thus one should make sure that whether they are using openDNS or Google DNS as both of them are good and a must have for high power signal strength.

Wifi Booster iPhone Problems

When you start boosting your wifi signal strength, there are few problem occurs in that, Fist of all, Your iPhone is not accepting the software which you’ve downloaded to increase your wifi speed.

The problem of spillovers is another reason why many IPhone users face the problem of low signal strength. It can be due to the fact that the IPhone is connected to many open networks and hence the system continuously wobbles between

various networks that are available in order to catch better signal strength. Changing the channel can also help you as there are software’s which can tell you that which channel you are using and which channel your neighbors are using hence you can change your channel number so that your signals don’t interfere with that of your neighbor.

Wifi Booster For iPhone Apps

Using a signal booster with your Wi-Fi connection can also help you to increase your Wi-Fi reception. Use a signal finding app it will allow you to find the strongest Wi-Fi connection in your area with very strong signals. You can connect to the strongest open signals or Wi-Fi connections.

Try all the above-mentioned Wi-Fi boosting methods so that you can surf on Internet without any pause. The article on Wifi booster for camping explains how various boosters can be used to increase signal strength while you are working on your laptop or watching a movie on Netflix. Stay tunes for more articles on ways to boost your Wi-Fi signals and strength, This post updated to Network Tools.

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