FT232R Usb Uart Driver

Download the FT232R Usb Uart Driver for free. Check how to install it because its installation is very important.

FT232R Usb Uart Driver Review

FT232R which is added to FTDI’s range of USB Uart Interface Integrated Circuit device. It’s a USB to serial Uart driver and one of the finest driver. It works perfectly, but the problem is people don’t find this driver and they install something else so their PC becomes problematic in that Uart Interface Integrated Circuit device. Most of the people don’t use FT232R usb uart driver because its installation process is difficult that’s why prefer to install the alternative of it. But this is where they are mistaken.

FT232R Usb Uart Driver Features

  • Clock Generate Output
  • New chip which is  FTDIChip-ID™
  • asynchronous and synchronous are available.
  • This usb to serial was made more simpler

Step By Step Installation Process

Step 1: First, download the file from below. Open the device manager. If you don’t know how to open, just go to Control panel, there you will find the Device Manager and there is also a short method to go to device manager. Just Right click on the “My Computer” and click on “Properties”, there you will find the device manager. Thereafter, uninstall the unnecessary drivers. I also have given the screenshot.

FT232R USB UART Driver

Step 2: Go to the port section and Uninstall USB Serial Port (COM19).

FT232R USB UART Driver2


FT232R USB UART Driver

Step 3: After that, Go to Universal Serial Bus controllers at the end. Click on “Universal Serial Bus controllers and Uninstall  “usb serial convertor”.

FT232R USB UART Driver

Now It’s time to disconnect USB cable from your PC to KMX1. then reconnect it again from your PC to KMX1 or 2.

FT232R USB UART Driver

Step 4: A yellow flag appears on the icon of FT232R usb uart. Highlight it and click on update driver.

FT232R USB UART Driver

click on browser and extract the file which you’ve downloaded from this site.  Click on next. Your Usb serial converter will be installed after the installation process. just close the dialog.


FT232R USB UART Driver

Moving To Port

Step 5: Moving to port. Right click on “USB serial port” and then click on update driver software. It’s the same procedure.

FT232R USB UART Driver

check browse or extract the file which you’ve downloaded. and click on next. Now you don’t have to face installation process. Your Installation is completed.


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This is how the driver gets installed. You just have to follow the steps, then you won’t be faced with any problem. Let me know about your response of this driver installation.

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