Free Download TeamViewer Portable

Get Free TeamViewer Portable. With TeamViewer Portable you can share your desktop with your fellows through the web with an extreme ease and speed.

Free Download TeamViewer Portable

Key Features

  • Remote control: TeamViewer Portable, just like the installer offers options to control remotely computers. With this app, you can remotely control any PC, no matter their location in the world. This function is especially useful during remote training sessions, remote maintenance, presentation, meeting, team work, conference, or desktop sharing. This can be done even through firewalls.
  • Instant messaging: the purpose of this program is to better facilitate communication between remote colleagues. Indeed, apart from the connection, TeamViewer Portable also offers an instant messaging system. This allows users to chat instantly with colleagues anywhere in the world.
  • Portable: what is interesting about this application is its being portable. For this purpose, it does not require installation to operate. TeamViewer Portable can run from any removable media such as USB drive.

Free Download TeamViewer Portable

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