Download YAC Software For Windows

Get YAC Software For Windows Free. Yet another cleaner does an efficient job of cleaning unwanted and malicious files from your machines in the matter of few minutes and improve the performance of your system very effectively.

Download YAC Software For Windows
Yet Another Cleaner takes care of your system, keeping it clean, fast, and safe from any possible danger.

From the Home section, you have a general overview of the state of your computer. From there, you can run an analysis for fast optimization of your PC.

YAC will clean your system from unnecessary files, invalid registry entries, caches, browser history, and much more. It also helps locate and resolves browser hijacking, removes adware, and detects possible malware infections.

It will also examine any installed plugins and detect any potentially dangerous or malicious apps, helping you remove them if necessary.

Using the System Boost option can speed up your PC by optimizing the processes running automatically in Windows startup, as well as adjust memory and Internet connection settings.

Even further, the menu includes an optimization function, a history of system reboots, a software manager to track and uninstall rarely used programs (if you agree), a network monitor, and much more.

Finally, Yet Another Cleaner includes a handy widget with two functions: the first allows you to visually monitor and close the processes that take up valuable RAM, while the second runs a speed test on your connection and advises which software is consuming the most bandwidth.

Download YAC Software For Windows

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