Download TV Plug In For Win Free

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Get TV Plug In For Win Free. The software is specially designed for the tv lovers who cannot find time to watch their favorite tv channels. The software allows you to watch popular tv channels and listen radio broadcast directly from your desktop.

Download TV Plug In For Win Free

Winamp TV works as an input plugin for the popular audio player that can be used in order to connect to a TV tuner and load TV channels and live radio streams within Winamp. It enables you to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows or listening to radio stations on the computer, using Winamp’s familiar user interface.

Play TV channels and listen to radio in Winamp

The plugin allows Winamp to connect to the digital terrestrial or satellite TV tuner card and retrieve a list of available channels and radio stations, which can be easily added to the current playlist or included in the media library. Channels are saved as small files and saved locally, which enables you to change their name and create playlists.

Extended configuration possibilities

Once installed, the plugin can be configured via the ‘Preferences’ window of Winamp. It bundles a variety of settings that you can adjust as you consider fit, in order to obtain high sound and video quality.

There are multiple settings at your disposal: you can change the low and high frequency and filter the imported list to show certain types of channels only (FTA or encrypted). Moreover, you can make adjustments to the video (modify brightness, the contrast, the saturation, the hue, the sharpness, gamma, white balance and back light) and audio (audio mixer, stereo/SAP, signal) settings for each channel. The sound can be run through Winamp’s equalizer or another plugin.

Winamp TV allows on-screen display of recording and volume options, as well as the channel list. It enables you to configure the screen ratio and comes with video magnification capabilities and recording functionality (to AVI and MPEG-2).

Turn Winamp into a TV tuner

Winamp TV allows the playback of TV and radio streams onto your computer, via Winamp. It plays the content within the video window, giving you the freedom to adjust the video and audio settings in order to enhance your experience.

Download TV Plug In For Win Free

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