Download TCP Monitor Plus Software

Get TCP Monitor Plus Software Free. This is the best tool if you want to do two important tasks for example testing and monitoring of your network on or with the help of one software.

Download TCP Monitor Plus Software

It is a useful collection of network tools in a compact portable package.

The program arrives in a tiny archive which extracts to a single executable and a couple of text files. It opens on a simple tabbed interface, starting with the Traffic Monitor, but with a range of other options just a click away (Packet Monitor, Session Monitor, Packet Filter, Interface, Statistics, NSLOOKUP, NETSTAT, WHOIS, PING, TRACERT).

TCP Monitor Plus didn’t automatically detect our internet connection, unfortunately, so the monitor displayed precisely nothing at all. If it’s the same for you, make sure you select the network interface to monitor from the list at the top of the window. If you’re not sure which one to use, start at the top, and use the down arrow key until you find something with an “Operational Status” of “OPERATIONAL”.

Once you’ve located the correct interface, the main screen displays a scrolling view of your network traffic, along with text figures giving real-time maximums for your send and receive speeds. There’s also an “inactivity” time which pops up when your connection hasn’t been used for a few seconds.

Download TCP Monitor Plus Software

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