Download SmarTTY Software For Windows

Get SmarTTY Software For Windows Free. Have you ever thought about transferring files from one network to another by copying it from one place and pasting it to another place? This software does the job very effectively.

Download SmarTTY Software For Windows

The program supports up to 10 sub-sessions per connection, each accessible via a separate tab (no need to keep track of multiple windows).

An Explorer-like GUI makes it easy to browse the remote file system. You can transfer individual files or entire folders via SCP, with on-the-fly TAR to improve performance.

SmarTTY 2.0 adds support for directly editing remote files in-place, which means you can work on them locally in a Windows-style editor, rather than trying to figure out what might be installed on the other system.

SmarTTY 2.0 has new features for experts, too, including a raw terminal with ASCII and HEX views of your communications.

Support for public key authentication means you don’t have to enter your password each time. The built-in XMing X11 server runs graphical X11 apps out-of-the -box, and various interface tweaks make SmarTTY 2.0 easier to use than ever.

Download SmarTTY Software For Windows 

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