Download Rescue Kit For Windows Free

Get Rescue Kit For Windows Free. The software is popular with the title of all rounder which keeps track on the problems which may occur while using pc or doing important tasks. Its main task is to keep your machine problems free as much as it can.

Download Rescue Kit For Windows Free

Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition is an easy to use application that provides you with the proper means of correcting booting problems, in just a few simple moves.

In situations such as computer malfunction, virus attack or file corruption, Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition allows you to recover data from the affected disk and copy it to another drive, or even a CD / DVD, using the ‘Transfer Wizard’.

The ‘Transfer Wizard’ tool that lets you to quickly perform file transfer operations, enabling you to copy files and directories to a different disk or partition. During this process, you can even rename the moved files. After selecting the files you wish to transfer, you simply need to add an output location, and in a couple of minutes you are finished.

Using the ‘Boot Corrector’ component, you can select the operation that you want Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition to perform, such as checking if Windows installations are correct, fixing the ‘Master Boot Record’ or correcting the partition boot record. Moreover, the application can correct boot parameters or modify partition parameters.

An important feature of Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition is the ‘Undelete Partition’ tool, that enables you to find a previously deleted partition and recover it. It can even be fully-functional, provided that no other partitions were created in the available disk space.

In order to be prepared for any situation, it is recommended that you burn Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition to a disc, so you can use it when you encounter any Windows booting difficulties.

You never know when your computer might run into trouble, for any number of reasons. That is why it is best to be prepared for such situations and take matters into your own hands. Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition can help you cure many boot problems and regain access to your files.

Download Rescue Kit For Windows Free

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