Download Patch Cleaner For Win Free

Get Patch Cleaner For Win Free. When you have to do the patching of different multiple files then from keeping away yourself from the various distraction you will need this software.

Download Patch Cleaner For Win Free

When applications are installed and updated on the Windows Operating System a hidden directory c:\Windows\Installer is used to store the installer (.msi) files and the patch (msp) files. Generally these files are important as during updating patching or uninstalling software it will use the .msi/.msp files. If you blanketly delete all the files in this folder, you will find yourself needing to rebuild windows.

License Free
File Size 1.23 MB
Version 1.3
Operating System Windows Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows 7
System Requirements .NET Framework 4.5.2

Over time as your computer is patched and patched again, these installer files become outdated and orphaned. They are no longer required, but they can take up many gigabytes of data. PatchCleaner identifies these redundant/orphaned files and allows you to either: 1. Move them to another location; or 2. Delete them. You will reclaim GB’s of space.

It’s a freeware software program for Windows Operating system, the software support to make a free disk space by removing unwanted installed files from the Windows Directory.

You can’t find out easily any outdated or orphaned installed files in a hidden directory on Windows disk partition. It means that the only directory ”C” drive which it comes with secured on system folder, where you can disable those invisible things.

Well, you are going to update any patch files or uninstalling programs it uses .msi or .msp files. Unfortunately, if you did the mistake deleting all files in this Folder option, In some cases you need to rejuvenate again those files on Windows.

Download Patch Cleaner For Win Free

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