Download Network Activity Indicator Software

Get Network Activity Indicator Software Free. The software does its job perfectly i.e it shows and keeps an eye on all networking activities and keep track of everything what is being done on a specific network.

Download Network Activity Indicator Software

We often miss the old Windows XP network icon, where the monitors flashed to show network activity. But now there’s an easy way to get it back. Install Network Activity Indicator and it’ll immediately restore the same icon to your system tray. (Although Windows Vista/Windows 7 will often hide it again: click the arrow to the left of the system tray area, click Customize and set “Network Activity Indicator” to “Show icon and notifications to bring it back.)

This isn’t just a cosmetic tool, though. You can also customise the program to flash only for particular network traffic (TCP, UDP, ICMP), or on specific network interfaces. And it’s even able to provide details on network traffic (MB’s uploaded and downloaded), and a host of useful statistics (open connections, failed connection attempts, errors received, more).

Download Network Activity Indicator Software

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