Download Latest GPS 2 Google Earth For Mobile Version

start download latest GPS 2 Google Earth for Mobile version. You can log tracks create place marks and save them as Google Earth KML files on your Pocket PC.

GPS 2 Google Earth For Mobile

From Schloen GPS-Systems: GPS2GE is an easy to use Pocket PC application that allows to log tracks and to create placemarks which are saved as Google Earth KML files. It is compatible with standard NMEA GPS receivers and supports GPS auto-detection. A detailed description can be attached to every single placemark. The KML files are copied via ActiveSync on your desktop and can be directly opened with Google Earth. Here you can fly along the tracks and placemarks and enjoy fantastic views. You can also log your next holiday trip with GPS2GoogleEarth. So you can watch the trip together with your friends using the fantastic 3-D features of Google Earth.

Version 2.2 fixes a bug with GPS connection

Download GPS 2 Google Earth For Mobile Now

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