Download Keylogger Pro Version Free

Get Keylogger Pro Version Free. Keeping full track on all the activities taking place on your system either you are present there or not is as easy as eating a delicious chocolate with the help of this tool.

Download Keylogger Pro Version Free

It is an invisible monitoring software which allows you to track the detailed manipulations on your computer includes clipboard record, applications tracking, keystrokes logging, websites visited and screen capture. It’s designed for those who have to implement monitoring function on computer activities like parents who want to keep their young kids away from cyber dangers, enterprise managers who are responsible for tracking how the staffs perform, individuals who are afraid of being spied, as well as public computers monitoring.

Free Keylogger Pro is a surveillance and monitoring application which invisibly records each keystroke and stores the same in a highly encrypted and hidden log. It keeps track of web usage and activity with the URLs of all the websites visited. It enables screen scans, remote PC monitoring, password, email and chat capture for personal and professional use.

Download Keylogger Pro Version Free

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