Download Free Wefi Software For PC

Get Free Wefi Software For PC. This software wonder about here and there near you in search of best available connection and connects you with more reliable network.

Download Free Wefi Software For PC

WeFi is a simple, free program that helps you find Wi-Fi hot spots to which you want to connect. Install it, and it searches out nearby hot spots, showing you information about each, including whether it is encrypted or an open network, its signal strength, and what kind of category it’s in–for example, a café. Once you see a hot spot you want to connect to, double-click it and you’ll connect.

In addition, you can find hot spots at other locations. Click the Wi-Fi Maps tab, and enter a street address, and the program will show you a list of hot spots on a map. WeFi gets this information from WeFi users who have used the program and then had information about the hot spots they find sent to WeFi.

Download Free Wefi Software For PC

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