Download Free Net2Printer RDP Client

Get Free Net2Printer RDP Client. Net2Printer RDP Client makes it possible for remote users to connect to a terminal server with more reliability and flexibility.

Download Free Net2Printer RDP Client

Net2Printer RDP provides remote users connecting to a Terminal Server with reliable printing to their local printers regardless of the type of printer. Net2Printer RDP supports USB, parallel, network, even multifunction printers and fax software, all without requiring IT staff to maintain drivers on the terminal server. Net2Printer RDP is loaded automatically when a Remote Desktop session is started and is initially configured to map the local user\’s default printer as the default printer in the terminal server session.

Depending upon the version of Net2Printer RDP licensed on the server, additional printers can be mapped on the server, even an email printer that emails the document to the user can be mapped. Both document scanning and file transfers between the client and the server are also possible with Net2Printer RDP Full Version.

Download Free Net2Printer RDP Client

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