Download Free mHotspot Software For PC

Get Free mHostspot Software For PC. mHotspot is a free Wi-Fi creator application with which you can share your own Internet connection through your laptop. This tiny utility uses your Wireless Card to create a new Internet network for other PCs, or smartphones such as iPhone or Android based devices, including tablets. This way, with just your laptop and an Internet connection, you will grant access to up to 10 different devices with a single click.

mHotspot Software For PC

The application uses any kind of source like Ethernet, 3G/4G or even a Data-Card in order to create a new connection based on the settings you choose. Truth be told, mHotspot does not provide advanced configurations or options, but this is actually an advantage for those users that are not used to network settings. Set the name of the new Hotspot, create a password of at least 8 characters and click Start. That’s all you need to do to start enjoying the application.

Download Free mHotspot Software For PC & Windows

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