Download Free CCProxy Software For Windows

Get Free CCProxy Software For Windows. CCProxy is best if you want to create your own proxy server. It fulfills the need of router or any related hardware.


Let’s imagine that you have created a home network, which contains several computers and devices. The problem is that you only have one Internet connection and somehow, you need to share it over the network, so that every computer can connect to the Internet. You could buy a router in this situation, but if you don’t want to spend money and effort configuring a hardware router, you can just transform your PC into a virtual router. This is possible after installing CCProxy.

This Windows program allows you to share your Internet connection over a network, turning your PC into a powerful router. After the program has been installed and launched, you will first notice the real-time graph, which displays the traffic generated by each network computer which is using your Internet connection.

Download Free CCProxy Software For Windows

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