Download Free Any Weblock Software For Windows

Get Free Any Weblock Software For Windows. Any Weblock is an easy-to-use program that allows you to deny access to a website and its sub domains, or just its sub domains. It works with any web browser. All blocked websites will appear on the block list, where you can add as many URLs as you need. If you try to open any of the blocked websites, you will see a fake error page.

Once the program is running and you make some changes, you may need to restart your web browser and clear its cache for changes to take effect. Every time you make changes the program automatically creates a backup of the websites blocked. You can roll back to a previous backup if you are unable to access any website after you have applied the changes. You can set the amount of backups you wish to keep. Any Weblock allows you to export your block list into an XML file. You can import a previously exported block list file or import a text file that contains website domains. You can append the imported list to your current list or replace your current list with the imported list.

Download Free Any Weblock Software For Windows

The first time you use Any Weblock you have to create a password; this password will be required every time you run the program. All the blocked sites will remain blocked even if you close the Any Weblock main window, or if you restart your computer. Microsoft .Net Framework is required for Any Weblock to operate.

Download Free Any Weblock Software For Windows & PC

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