Download File Viewer Lite Free

Get File Viewer Lite Free. Now you do not have to install separate software for viewing and using different files on your computer because this amazing software allows you to view almost all kinds of files in a single place without any problem and it also display the meta data of each and every file.

Download File Viewer Lite Free

Searching out a different program to view the plethora of different file types that is growing by the year is a thankless task. Help is at hand thanks to File Viewer Lite, which blasts that out of the water by allowing you to view over 120 file types under one roof.

Why you need it

Set out with an incredibly easy interface, File Viewer Lite lets you view over 120 files types completely free of charge. It goes beyond the mere viewing of files by letting you edit documents as if you were using an old school version of Microsoft Word, and you can play media files like you’re inside any popular media player.

Opening a file is as simple as selecting the file then opening it as you would in any other program, and there’s no need to change any other settings to get it on the screen. Document viewing and editing is straightforward with an interface that’s similar to the old versions of Microsoft Word. It will leave you wondering why you just forked out for that copy of Office 365.

File Viewer Lite makes similarly light work of any images that are loaded by laying on a handful of editing features – including brightness, contrast, colours, sharpness, red-eye reduction, conversion to greyscale, shadows, resizing and rotation of the image in question.

Media marvel

Media files are easily manipulated by File Viewer Lite with a range of the most popular audio and video formats supported by the program. It doesn’t end there as File Viewer Lite also supports a number of lesser known formats and configuration files that can often be tricky to open.

Every file has its own dedicated information bar at its side to inform the user on all the finer details. Should a file not open, this bar displays additional details about the file to help the user. Advanced users will also be happy to see the presence of two additional views that show the files in raw text and hexadecimal views that let you edit the raw text of each file.

File Viewer Lite is one of those tools that, once it’s arrived on your PC, becomes even more indispensable as time goes on.

Download File Viewer Lite Free 

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