Download Failover IP Software

Get Failover IP Software Free.  To make the possibilty of sharing ip address comes true by using this amazing tool. By using this software one can share ip addresses easily and more efficiently.

Download Failover IP Software

It cannot be installed on the same computer as v. 1.x (at least not within the same Windows installation), because v. 2.0 requires Windows Vista / Server 2008 or later and v. 1.x requires an earlier Windows version.

It cannot directly use a configuration file from v. 1.x, because v. 2.0 uses a configuration file in JSON format, where as v.1.x uses a configuration file in XML format. However Simple Failover v. 2.0 does include a tool which can convert a v. 1.x configration file into a v.

Download Failover IP Software

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