Download CyberCafePro Client Free

Get CyberCafePro Client Free. This tool provides the access which is pure secure to the schools, internet cafes, college cafes. The access is excellent without any external interruption.

Download CyberCafePro Client Free

The Client software reliably tracks time and printing, and includes chat and easy-to-use Application Launch Pad (unique to CCP). Supports User Accounts, Time codes and Play and Pay choices. The Client application is easy to install and set up. It operates on standard peer-to-peer networks, including Wireless LANs. Install the Main Control Station software first.

Download CyberCafePro Client Free For Windows

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  1. Dushyantha Jayamanne

    thanx very mach bro.. It been very hard to find this software for me bt finally I founf it on your website. Thanks a lot !

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