Download CloseTheDoor Portable Software

Get CloseTheDoor Portable Software Free. This tool tells you which and how much connections are working on your network and it allows you to enhance our security of the network by keeping an eye on all of the connections.

Download CloseTheDoor Portable Software

When you want to secure your network it’s important to understand which processes are listening for connections, and the portable CloseTheDoor will tell you everything you want to know: the network interface, ports, protocols, process, related Windows services and a whole lot more.

All this information can seem baffling at first, but CloseTheDoor can help. Right-click something and you’ll find options to search the web for useful information on the process, port and how it’s generally used.

And if you do identify malware then CloseTheDoor can even shut down that process, though be careful – if you accidentally terminate something important then you might crash your PC.

Download CloseTheDoor Portable Software 

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