Download AVG AntiVirus For Windows Free

Get AVG AntiVirus For Windows Free. This is the super successful antivirus in the entire industry and has the super and long lasting capability of removing virus from its roots from your computer.

Download AVG AntiVirus For Windows Free

AVG offers a modern user interface that keeps it simple for users to protect themselves while surfing online. The main screen provides direct links to all areas that users have antivirus coverage in, including the device hard drive, web, identity protection, and email protection. AVG’s two programs (free and Internet Security) offer users different levels of protection.

With the AVG Antivirus Free software program, users have access to three main security features. The first is AVG’s antivirus tools that block viruses, spyware, and other malware from infiltrating files and hard drives. The link protection feature scans links that users come across on the web, Twitter, and Facebook to ensure that malicious content is not waiting on the other end.

The third feature is an exciting new feature from AVG called File Shredder. When users delete files on Windows and empty the recycle bin, there is still a digital trail that could be followed to find those files. File Shredder, available on the free and paid version, securely deletes all files to eliminate those digital trails and make file recovery next to impossible.

Users who upgrade to the full-blown Internet Security software package have access to additional layers of online security, including anti-spam, firewall, and the new Data Safe. The new Data Safe feature allows users to create private folders on a hard drive to store encrypted information within a password protected folder.

The new File Shredder and Data Safe features offer extra layers of security that, while not vital for the average user now, could be essential in the future given the increasing number of security breaches taking place in the world.

Download AVG AntiVirus For Windows Free

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