Download Athan (Azan) Basic Free

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Get Athan (Azan) Basic Free. This is the best ever software if you are a muslim and want to listen to the azan five times in a day in a area where you can’t hear azan. The software is most famous for its features.

Download Athan (Azan) Basic Free

If you were in any doubt that modern technology can mesh with ancient traditions, Athan is the answer.
The software carries out a straightforward task in an effective and efficient manner. The user simply inputs their location (choosing from six million cities and towns worldwide) and the application then calculates the correct times for the five daily calls to prayer, which are based on sunset and sunrise times.

At the appropriate times, the software then plays audio of the Athan, or call to prayer, in the same way the user would hear if near or in a mosque. A particularly neat touch is that the software also looks at the user’s location and figures out the Qiblah: the correct way to point so the user can face Mecca as required during the prayers.

The software includes a wide range of prayers and also allows the user to choose different voices reciting the call to prayer at different times of day. For users who will be away from their computer, the software can also print out upcoming prayer times as far as a month in advance. There is also a handy converter for switching dates between the Hijri and Gregorian calendars. It’s not a beautiful looking interface, but is effective and simple to use.

Pro’s: Very simple to use; uses minimal system resources

Con’s: May feel a little clinical for some users

Conclusions: An effective way to marry technology and tradition, allowing the information age to aid faith.
Athan Publisher’s Description

Athan (Azan) software allows you to hear automatic Athan (Azan) at the right time five times a day on every prayer time.
Automatic Athan (Azan) at every prayer time.
Prayer times for more than 6 Million cities.
Interface in Arabic, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.
Hijri and Gregorian calendars.

Download Athan (Azan) Basic Free

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