Download and Use RawCap For Packet Sniffing

GteĀ RawCap For Packet Sniffing Free. This is a highly recommended and super light software for detecting and solving occurs in both hardware and software on your network environment.


Packet sniffing – capturing network traffic for later analysis – can be an invaluable way to diagnose tricky network problems, both hardware and software. And there are few easier ways to get the job done than with the super-lightweightRawCap.

The program is a command line tool, but it’s also straightforward to run from Explorer. Just double-click the file, choose your network interface, enter an output file name, and that’s it – the program will capture raw packets and save them in a .pcap file.

Unsurprisingly for a 20KB tool, there’s no help here to analyse the finished results. Just opening the file in Notepad may be enough, though if you’re looking for plain text. And there’s no doubting RawCap’s simplicity: it doesn’t need any other components or DLLs beyond the .NET Framework 2.0.

Download and Use RawCap For Packet Sniffing

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