Download Aida64 Extreme Edition

Get Aida64 Extreme Edition Free. Take your network management activities to the next level by using the extreme edition which will flexibly and effectively manage all the tasks on your network.

Download Aida64 Extreme Edition

You get much the same as this in AIDA64 Extreme Edition, of course, but the Business Edition has some useful network-oriented tricks of its own. The program can monitor what’s happening all across your network, for instance, launching particular applications or services remotely, shutting down or restarting them, even taking full control of a remote system to run particular admin tasks or transfer files.

And perhaps most important of all, AIDA64 Business Edition doesn’t simply display information on your network systems. It takes a snapshot each time, and can show you what’s changed since last time, or even notify you via email when some aspect of a system has changed – a great timesaver for busy system administrators.

Please note, this trial version of the program has one notable restriction, in that it obscures some items in its report. When we click Computer > Summary on our test PC, say, it’ll report “Operating System” as “Windows 7 Ultimate”, but “OS Service Pack” appears only as “[TRIAL VERSION]”, and you’ll see the same “[TRIAL VERSION]” markers appear on some other pages, too. The trial displays more than enough information to get a feel for how the program works, though, and of course this restriction disappears once you purchase and enter your licence key.

What’s new in AIDA64 v4.70?

– Support for 33 new LCD and VFD devices
– LGA2011-v3 motherboards support
– Improved support for monochrome LCDs
– AData SP910, SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD support
– GPU details for AMD Radeon R9 285
– GPU details for nVIDIA GeForce 900 Series

Download Aida64 Extreme Edition

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