Download Adguard for Windows Free

Get Adguard for Windows Free. Are you tired of seeing and being interrupted by annoying ads in your browser while surfing on the internet? Yes you are. No one wants these disturbing ads and here is the ultimate solution of this problem.

Download Adguard for Windows Free

Adguard is an attractive, configurable app that lets you remove ads from web pages.

It’s a lovely-looking program, with clean, clear lines, and easily accessible settings. Bear in mind that there are two ways of using Adguard – Basic interface andExtended interface. The Extended interface simply gives you more visible access to the more complex aspects of the program.

Adguard has a default setting that will give you medium ad protection from the get-go. In other words, if you never want to look at the nitty gritty, you don’t have to. Simply start to browse as normal and you’ll see your websites looking strangely bereft of ads. Adguard didn’t manage to catch 100% of ads on the default protection level, but if there’s one you’ve missed, you can block it yourself.

As well as offering protection against ads you don’t want to see, Adguard also has protection from malware and phishing sites, andeliminates infuriating pop-ups. If you delve into the program, you’ll see that it’s also quite configurable. For example, although Adguard works with all main browsers, you can also make it work with lesser known alternatives, or tweak its filters to catch different types of ad. To see instructions about how to do this, look here.

Unfortunately, Adguard has a major downfall. It significantly slowed browsing during our tests, which was surprising, especially as the app claims to speed up loading! It was very disappointing and, unfortunately, not really a problem that we can overlook. Until Adguard sorts its speed problems out, it’s almost impossible to recommend.

Adguard looks great, is easy to use, and does a great job blocking ads and pop ups. Unfortunately, it’s too slow for everyday use.

 Download Adguard for Windows Free

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