7 Best Android Flashlight Apps with limited Permission

We all need a flashlight when the darkness appears so we’re here with 11 of the best android flashlight apps. These flashlight apps work perfectly, and we use flashlights daily. When we have to find small things or special things which we’ve missed a flashlight plays an important role in it. My mother missed her gold ring in the car, but suddenly she opened the android flashlight and found it. A Good Flashlight app is also important that’s why I’ve come here to inform you of the best Android app of flashlight which you will really like, also see how to get free internet on android, and wifi speed booster android.

Recently Google play store introduced some marvellous flashlights apps which have many features and with no extra permission. Sounds good? We’re going to share a list of perfect flashlight apps which you can easily install on your android phone. Check it below.


List of Best Android Flashlight Apps

1) Super-Bright LED Flashlight

best android flashlight apps

Super-Bright LED Flashlight developed by Surpax Inc. The reason for placing it in number 1 position because of its perfect brightness. It’s LED flashlight brightness can’t be matched. It looks like a huge torch. It’s the most convenient app and it’s graphic is wonderful.  It also supports blinking mode.

2) Color Flashlight

best android flashlight apps

Color Flashlight is a colorful flashlight and more than 400,000 installed users which are taking benefits from it. You can convert it to many things. It can become a disco light, police light and even candle light. Its slogan says it all “Light When You Need it, Where You Need it”. You can change the flashlight colors and brighten it. It’s brightness is just amazing. You can also choose your favourite light which you want and enjoy it. It has  great custom effects which work very well. In custom effects, write any text in message by typing and see the display of it. It has some amazing features.

  • It boost the screen brightness
  • You can use camera LED
  • LED Torch Light
  • Alter any flashlight color


3) Tiny Flashlight + Led

best android flashlight apps

Tiny Flashlight + Led developed by Nikolay Ananiev. More than 4 Million installed users. It’s the most simple app which works brilliantly. It’s the reliable flashlight because when you are in extreme need of it, it works perfectly. It doesn’t consume much battery.


  • Easy to optimize
  • Easy to toggle the light
  • Free flashlight plugins


4) Privacy Flashlight

best android flashlight apps

Privacy Flashlight is very simple. It’s small and perfect app. This app doesn’t have any ads, spyware, and bloatware, It doesn’t give any permission. It’s very easy to run.


5) Flashlight – MEGA Flashlight

best android flashlight apps

Mega Flashlight is a stunning flashlight app, because It has several user-friendly features. It has different flashlight. If you want to run it, you need the camera permission.

6) Flashlight by SimGears

best android flashlight apps

Flashlight by SimGears, You’ve heard the name of it. It’s very simple and elegant app. You don’t have to worry about permission. It keeps your LED on even after closing the app. It only asks for camera permission. It has a bright screen which will find small and tiny things.

It supports several widgets so you can control the app from home screen from your widget. This app works automatically when you put your phone inside somewhere it will automatically turn off your flashlight.

There are few permission including,

  • Capture Pictures and Videos.
  • It checks the vibration mode whether it opens or not, the app automatically control it.
  • It gives complete access to your network.
  • It keeps away your device from sleeping.


7) Flashlight HD Led

best android flashlight apps

Flashlight HD Led is the fastest Flashlight app. It works brilliantly in smartphones. This flashlight designs is also good and decent. The most powerful app which has outstanding brightness. These Apps work with almost all phones. Some phones don’t support other flashlights so it will work easily there. It’s features are amazing.

  • Open the flashlight with one button.
  • LED Flashlight.
  • Works as light lamp ( You don’t need a lamp if you have this ).
  • Widget is also Available.
  • Simple and quick App.



These are the 7 best Android flashlight app which are popular nowadays. If your phone has a  battery problem or memory problem, you can go with simple flashlight app which are  Tiny Flashlight + Led, and Flashlight by SimGears. If you need colorful ones you can try the Color Flashlight. Don’t Forget to leave your suggestion. What’s your best android flashlight app in these 7 apps.

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